​​​​Strut-Lite ™ - Designed, Built, and Delivered with Electrical Contractors in Mind

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Strut-Lite ™ - A patent pending, high efficiency, Class 2, general lighting system in which one or more Strut-Lite ™ SSL Light Modules are engineered to be secured inside common structural channels (e.g., Unistrut® [1], Eaton B-Line® Series [2], etc.) to create a modular, configurable lighting system.  Installing the Light Modules without the use of structural channels such as with metal drop ceiling, pendent, and other mounting methods provide even greater design and use flexibility. 

  • Maximize delivered light while minimizing project costs 
  • More headspace​ and improved durability
  • Familiar, readily available components
  • Installs in seconds to save on labor
  • ​Clean look-and-feel
  • Direct sales and service model for short, more responsive lead-times
  • ​Made in the USA

[1] Unistrut is a registered trademark or trademark of Unistrut Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

[2] Eaton and B-Line are registered trademarks of Eaton Corporation plc, or its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Eaton Marks") and are registered in many countries around the world.