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Why Choose Us

Wathill Opportunities is committed to bringing you innovative, quality lighting systems designed, built, and delivered with electrical contractors in mind.  We're confident that you will see the Strut-Lite ™ lighting system as a must-have tool in your toolbox to solve your most challenging lighting problems.  But it's not just our products.  Our company was founded on the belief that working collaboratively with our customers is a more effective and efficient approach.  We're committed to helping you to be more successful in your business.

Who We Are

Wathill Opportunities is made up of professionals that have a true passion for solving lighting related problems.  Our extensive background in light fixture design and manufacturing, solid state device and technology development, combined with our engineering and business experience allows us to bring a unique skill set as well as forward thinking to help you solve your lighting challenges.  If you wish to learn more about who we are, feel free to contact us at