Drop ceiling application

Blocked, reduced light

Pendant mounted

Headspace limitations

A better approach

In contrast, the Strut-Lite ™ lighting system utilizes the space within structural channels by seamlessly integrating the light source without compromising the load carrying capabilities of the structural channel.  

  • The low profile makes it a perfect fit for applications where headspace is a problem​
  • ​​​It's more durable compared to traditional fixtures

  • ​It has a clean look-and-feel

  • Individual light modules can be installed in a fraction of the time compared to traditional light fixtures

  • Light modules, structural channels, and spring nuts are all familiar components which makes the system extremely easy to adopt and to incorporate in open ceilings in commercial and industrial applications

  • ​The direct sales model lowers costs and shortens delivery times

  • Service and support comes direct from the factory in Minnesota​​

Light through slotted face

Blocked, reduced light

Light fixture durability concerns

Light through open face

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General lighting for open ceilings In COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL FACILITIES

The Strut-Lite ™ lighting system is ideal for open ceilings in commercial and industrial facilities where structural channels are oftentimes used to support mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems.  Target applications include mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, and service corridors in manufacturing plants, schools, laboratories, hospitals, and other commercial and industrial facilities where obstructions in an open ceiling environment can present a variety of challenges.  Traditional solutions include installing light fixtures around or above MEP systems.  This approach can cause the light to be blocked resulting in lower delivered light or the need for more or higher light output fixtures.  Re-routing electrical conduit around light fixtures may improve the delivered light although bending conduit is time consuming and costly.  Hanging traditional lights below MEP systems can reduce needed headspace and can expose the fixtures to damage in low ceiling applications.