Modules are manually inserted and secured in the structural channel using common spring nuts


[1] The fields with values indicate available configuration options (The '-' designator indicates the configuration option is not available).

[2] Power per module does not include power supply efficiency.  Power supply efficiency is 85% - 90% at line voltage of 120/277 Vac.

​[3] Limits on the number of modules in a continuous string is determined by the manufacturer's circuit board while limits on the number of modules in an assembly is determined by the Class 2 power supply (100W max).

[4] Standard light output of approximately 2000 lm (F32T8 equivalent) for a 2-foot module and approximately 4000 lm for a 4-foot module is shown in bold.

[5] 17.6W maximum per 2-foot module (8.8W maximum per foot).  

​​​​Strut-Lite ™ SSL Light Module Kit

  • The Strut-Lite​ ™ SSL Light Module Kit includes a set of modules with cables, a power supply, and a power supply cable

Maximum design & Use Flexibility

  • The lighting system can be set to 4 different power settings to optimize light output, power levels, and system efficacy
  • Modules come in 0.5-, 1-, 2-, and 4-foot lengths with custom lengths available
  • The number of modules, location, and spacing within the structural channel is flexible
  • Modules can be oriented with the module lens facing towards the open face of the structural channel or, if a structural channel with slots is used, facing towards the slotted face of the structural channel

  • The structural channel can be installed in multiple orientations

​​​​​​​​Strut-Lite ™ SSL Light AssEMBLY Kit

  • The Strut-Lite ™ SSL Light Assembly Kit includes mounting hardware (e.g., Unistrut®, Eaton B-Line® Series structural channels) and a Strut-Lite ™ SSL Light Module Kit.


  • Photometric (IES) files
  • To obtain photometric files, please contact

Lighting through open face of structural channel

Note - The bottom scenario (2 structural channels) shows two 2-module parallel strings running off of one power supply as an example of increasing light output while maintaining the maximum number of modules per continuous string


  • Patent Pending
  • UL 2108/8750
  • Dry/damp location
  • ​IP 64
  • Photometric (IES) files
  • ​Made in USA

Lighting through slotted face of structural channel

Unistrut is a registered trademark or trademark of Unistrut Corporation and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

​Eaton and B-Line are registered trademarks of Eaton Corporation plc, or its subsidiaries and affiliates ("Eaton Marks") and are registered in many countries around the world.

Configuration EXAMPLES

2 modules with cablesand power supply (power supply cable not shown)

4-foot Module - Maximum 1 module per continuous string

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2-foot Module - Maximum 2 modules per continuous string

The System

 Strut-Lite ™ is a patent pending Class 2 general lighting system made up of light modules that are designed to be typically integrated inside of common structural channels (e.g., Unistrut®, Eaton B-Line® Series, etc.) to create a truly unique lighting solution.  With multiple lengths and performance settings for the individual modules, the flexibility to locate and space the modules anywhere along the length of the structural channel, and the ability to install the structural channel in different orientations, Strut-Lite ™ is a truly modular, configurable lighting system.  It’s an ideal solution for the most challenging lighting problems in open ceilings for commercial and industrial facilities.